Natascha’s Message

As your MP over the last 12 years I have spoken to thousands of people and lately everyone’s story seems to be the same, wages stay the same while bills go up, it gets harder to see your GP if you need treatment and the odds seem constantly stacked against young people getting on in life.

If you re-elect mp_natascha_engel_4me in this June’s general election I will continue my fight against this Tory government to make our area better off. I will continue to fight for local jobs and a health service with time to care. I will fight for our young people to get a better future and to provide real help for hard-working Derbyshire families.

Under the Tories our NHS is on the verge of crisis – it’s getting harder and harder to see a GP, nurses and frontline staff have been lost, patients are waiting longer for treatment and ambulance response times are getting slower. Not only will Labour invest more in the NHS, we’ll vote to end the privatisation of NHS services.


On Brexit I support the will of the people and I will never block Britain’s exit from the European Union. But on this I will not stand by and let the Tories strip away our workers’ rights and I will hold them to account and make sure the £350 million they promised the NHS is delivered.


The NHS is very dear to my heart because it has been there for my family in times of need and I am sure it has been there for you and your familyNatascha Engel With older person too. After seven years of a Tory Government the NHS is now in crisis and needs urgent care. I will fight for a properly funded NHS and take on the Tories whenever they feel like attacking our much loved National Health Service like they have with Clay Cross Hospital.


Under the last Labour Government North East Derbyshire benefitted from huge investment to work and skills, helping local people find decent well paid jobs. Markham Vale demonstrates this success but now  we need more action to create more jobs in the area. While the Tories concentrate on cutting tax for millionaires I will continue my fight for better paid jobs for you and your family.


Natascha welcomes the People’s March for Education in Clay Cross. To see how Tory cuts will affect your local school go to!/